HULK is the only Extreme Mass Gainer that is loaded with an Ultimate Performance Protein Matrix, providing you with the highest quality blends of protein in the exact ratios needed to help pack on slabs of serious muscle in record time.

Don’t be fooled by weight gainers boasting tons of calories that will simply make you fat. HULK is SUGAR FREE and contains a Clean Carbohydrate Complex with emphasis on the carbohydrates that will provide you with long lasting energy while helping to transport vital nutrients for maximum absorption.

The Enhanced Growth Factors, a HULK exclusive, will help aid in new muscle growth and improve recovery time.

To make it even better, HULK includes a Premium Digestive Enzyme Blend so you can be sure your body will be absorbing and utilizing the muscle building ingredients to the fullest.

But we didn’t stop there! HULK also contains a specialized delicious flavor complex that mixes instantly and will leave you craving more!

If you are looking to add pounds of quality, lean muscle mass, look no further. Get HULK and achieve incredible results!


Nutritional Information

*Supplements facts based on Hulk 5 LB Strawberry Banana Flavor